DDLJ celebrated its 1000 weeks

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Shahrukh Khan and Kajol the most romantic onscreen Jodi has recently celebrated their success of the movie  Dil Wale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge which completed 1000 weeks . Every person related to the movie is very happy and proud to be the party of great movie. This movie has made a history in Bollywood era and  will continue to entertain us in upcoming  years .

Synopsis of the movie
Dil Wale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge also known as ddlj released in 1995 , directed by Aditya Chopra and produced by Yash Chopra has made a remarkable movie . The story is about the two most famous characters Raj (played by Shahrukh Khan) and Simran (played by Kajol) and their love story . Raj and Simran goes for vacation in Europe with their respective friends . The most famous scene of Raj and Simran where Raj gives his hand to Simran to help her to board the train .

 Simran feels that Raj is a play boy who tries to flirt with her . Later both  meet in a party and have a fight and have a dance sequel .
Raj (Shahrukh Khan ) is flirting with Simran (Kajol)

the dance sequel of ruk ja o dil deewane

The story moves on both Raj and Simran miss the train and their romance starts. Both have lots of fun, dance, fights and finally become friends . Then Raj falls in love with her and the favorite scene of viewers when Raj says ," agar wo tujhse pyar karti hai to wo palategi , palat, palat,palat"  and finally she turns . Simran invites Raj for her marriage in airport. Raj refuses and says he will not come . When both were returning to their respective homes, both realizes their love which began to blossom .

 Raj says ," agar wo tujhse pyar karti hai to wo palategi , palat, palat,palat"

Meanwhile, Simran tells full story to her mother and his father ( played by Amrish Puri) heard full conservation and scolds her . Then a letter comes from Punjab for her father in which it was written about the marriage of Simran and Kuljeet (played by Parmeet )  , her father's childhood friend's son . The family went to Punjab for the marriage .

Kuljeet (played by Parmeet ) 

Letter scene  father ( played  by Amrish Puri ) and mother (played by Farida Jalal , sibling , sister (played by Pooja Ruparel as Rajeshwari "Chutki" Singh 

 Meanwhile Raj 's father (played by Anupam Kher) encourages him to win back his love .  Raj went to Simran 's house and finds out whole family has gone to Punjab for Simran 's marriage . Disappointed , he was going back , suddenly he saw the bell which Simran had bought in Europe. The indication of love makes him motivated and decides to go to Punjab and win his love .

 Raj 's father (played by Anupam Kher)

 He make plans and enters Simran's house in Punjab . Initially he plays guitar for Simran and the most adorable scene of the movie where Simran hugs Raj in  sarso ke khet , dream sequence of song tujhe dekha to yeh jana sanam  occures. Slowly and gradually Raj impress Simran 's family members and Kuljeet and Raj becomes good friends .

 tujhe dekha to yeh jana sanam 

 Kuljeet 's sister Preeti (played by Mandira Bedi) falls for her . Due to misunderstanding , Raj's father understood  Preeti as Simrun and said yes to Preeti 's parents .

 Preeti (played by Mandira Bedi) 

The most romantic scene of the movie" karwa chauth " scene where both Raj and Simran fasts and later Simran's mother sees both of them and advises them to run .But Raj refuses and says he will marry Simran with everyone's blessings.

" karwa chauth " scene

Then mehandi sequence happens and dance sequel of mehandi laga ke rakhna  occurs between Raj, Preeti and Simran. Later on when Simran,s father sees everyone dancing , he  also sings song for his wife" aye meri zohra jabeen which is again an remarkable scene played by great actors .

 mehandi laga ke rakhna 
 Simran's father  sings song for his wife" aye meri zohra jabeen 

Due to sudden sickness of Kuljeet's dadi , marriage gets preponed.  Simran gets nervous and talks to Raj about this .He tries to console her and tells her that he will handle everything. Meanwhile Simran's father learns about the affair of Raj and Simran and eventually everyone knows about them .

Then the most famous and popular scene occurs where Raj and his father was about to leave , Kuljeet came with the goons . There is a fight squence between them . To stop the fight , Simran's father and whole family emerged in the  station . Then the epic scene where Simran's father stops Simran  by holding her hand and later realized that Raj is the correct guy for him and says the famous dialogue "ja simran ja jee le apni zindagi" . Simran runs towards train to Raj .Their Raj gives his hand to her again. Finally both Raj and Simran met and happily lived after .......
fight  sequence 

the epic scence of ddlj 

they lived happily after 

The legendary movie has completed its 1000 weeks and celebration time begins in comedy nights with Kapil and comedy classes too . Even in Mumbai in Martha Mandir , this movie was shown again . Thus the movie has made the Bollywood proud .


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